Live Bacarrat Online

Baccarat is one of the most popular games of chance: you can learn it in a couple of minutes. Live baccarat online is a copy of the real game, with only one difference – you can play it staying at home instead of going to pathetic luxurious casinos. In this game, also known as Punto Banco, you will have to guess the hand with the highest cards value. Most gamblers like live baccarat because it allows you to choose from only three options, so your chances for winning are really huge.

Live Online Bacarrat Casinos

Almost every online casino has both auto and live baccarat versions available. If you decide to play the latter you will feel like in a real casino, as the only difference with real casinos is the place you are staying in. If you choose to play live mode you are given a choice of several dealers at the table. In live baccarat casinos a part of your screen will work for a live camera broadcasting from a real casino room.

Many casinos offer welcoming bonuses to attract new players. Normally, extra cash you get with the first deposit reaches 100% of match bonus if you put under $100 to your account. Other bonuses suggested by different casinos are re-deposit bonus, high-roller bonus. Online casinos also provide different room design and camera views for you to choose the most attractive and pleasant one.

Online Live Bacarrat Tips

Most players say that in live baccarat at live casinos you can only win relying on your chance, but still you can find several live baccarat online betting patterns. These patterns may seem boring as you have to bet the same way all the time, but many gamblers use them efficiently to maximize their winnings. The biggest advantage of this game is that you can predict the precise size of your return when the next winning combinations comes.

One of the most popular betting systems is the Fibonacci series of numbers. According to this pattern, you have to start with the minimal bet size, and to rise it one step every time you win. The Fibonacci system is absolutely simple and helps you minimize your losses: before you increase the bet, you get your previous bet returned. When you try to play like this you will see how it works, though you have to wait a little. Also, the more series you make, the more your winning increases in the end.

Game Rules

When you play live baccarat game you are always given two cards at first. The cards normally should be dealt with two other ones face down. Afterwards, the player who made the biggest bet is given two more cards, face down. This player looks at the cards and returns them to the dealer. Finally, all cards are uncovered showing, which player wins the game.

Like in real games, live baccarat online at live casinos is played with 6 to 8 decks. In this game 10s and face cards are counted for zero, Ace gives you one point, and the cards 2-9 give you the correspondent number of points. Suits do not matter in baccarat, while all 2-digit sums are dropped to the second digit.

Live Dealer

Probably you will be surprised to know that live baccarat was one of the first online gambling games to introduce live dealers. In live baccarat you are usually suggested to choose from three live dealers staying at the playing table. After you choose the dealer the game starts. The functions of the dealer are same for real and online casinos: he or she gives out the cards, uncovers them and announces the results of the current game. Also, the dealer may comment on some of your winnings or other event during the game. After the results are announced you can collect your money or leave the game any moment.

How to Win

The majority of live casinos offer you standard/mini or Punto Banco baccarat, though several variations are possible, too: In-Running Baccarat, Baccarat Pairs, Dragon Bonus, and Lucky Pair Baccarat. All versions offered by each casino are detailed on the game review pages. If you are new to live baccarat the best option to start winning the game is to try the basic rules version. It will allow you to understand the winning pattern before proceeding to live baccarat with more complicated rules.

Anyway, if you want to win good money with live baccarat game there are only two options to help you with it. The first option is to rely on you luck, as in this game of chance it is really impossible to predict the next cards played. This principle is guaranteed by the big number of possible combinations and many card decks played at once. For the second option you will also need a plenty of luck, but it will at least minimize your losses. To try and win more at live baccarat casinos you can choose a certain game strategy (Fibonacci series, for example), and to play it: this will make the game more habitual, but will help you win more, too.

Play Live Bacarrat Games for Real Money & Cash

Live baccarat games gain more and more popularity among gamblers playing on the web. This fact is quite understandable: to play live baccarat you need only your computer and a god deal of chance. It is not necessary to go to any casinos, put on serious suits, etc. Besides, live baccarat casinos suggest you to play with a welcome bonus between $100 and $5,000, so you can try the game before playing with real cash. But after playing the free version and trying live baccarat game you will understand that the game is quite the same as in real life.

Since live baccarat casinos allow you to play the favorite game with real cash and to win the same good money, there is no need to go to real gambling houses. Many gamblers have understood it already, and shifted to live casinos with real cash. We suggest you to try all advantages of live casino, and you will understand that the best place for winning real cash with live baccarat casinos is your home, where you feel comfortable and relaxed.