Live Roulette Online

Today many live casinos available for playing online offer you to enjoy a wide range of popular games, and live roulette is not an exception. In this variant of the famous game you can bet on a real table, and watch live roulette broadcast from a real casino room. You can see the dealer put your bets, and live through the same feelings and emotions, but without leaving your home.

Live roulette online is a very interesting experience: make sure, if you try it once you will stay its fan forever. The reason for it is quite obvious: you get the same functions range and a free cup of warm tea you can have only at home. Everything you need to do now is to enjoy the most popular way of gambling and to try your luck.

Live Online Roulette Casinos

You can play auto roulette along with live roulette, but only the latter will let you feel like playing a real game without leaving your room. Different casinos suggest a broad variety of options, so you will have a chance to choose the casino, which will meet the maximum of your requirements.

One of the most spread differences between online casinos is the range of chip sizes: you can find a lot of options varying between $0.01 and $100. Besides, most live casinos suggest you to play live European roulette and live American roulette, where only the number of bet pockets vary. Different casinos may give you an opportunity to choose from several tables, and different ambient types. You can play both with real people and other online players when you are in a live roulette room.

Online Live Roulette Rules

The rules for playing live roulette online stay the same as in the real game, but several casinos may suggest extra options for attracting more players. Different platforms offer you a wide variety of minimal bets to be played with different pockets on the table.

For instance, the minimal bet for inside options like corner, split or single will be 1 chip, but for more winning outside combinations like dozen, column, and red or black it may reach 20 chips. Anyway, you may find live casinos with all possible options to bet the way you like. The winning chips are multiplied just the same like in a real gambling house.

How to Play?

There is nothing easier than playing live roulette: for this you need to choose a game with options you like most, decide about the chip size relying on the available choice, and to stake it the most prefered way. After all bets are made the roulette is started by the dealer, and as soon as the ball stops, the winning number is displayed on your screen. After that you can collect your winning, and continue the game or leave it by turning to the cashier for converting your chips into real money.

In some games, the winning chips from the last game stay on the table, but you can easily clear them with a special button. Also, most live casinos suggest you rebet and maximum bet options to make the game process easier and more pleasant.

Live Dealer

Live roulette dealer plays in online casinos the same role as in the real ones: he stakes your chips on the ordered pockets, spins the roulette, and announces the results. Also, in live roulette casinos the dealer is the only person who can stop the staking process: normally, it is done when the roulette wheel is already spinning. After the ball stops, the dealer says the winning number, color, and if the lucky number is even or odd.

Afterwards, he or she collects the chips that lose and gives out the winning ones: by this the losing chips are removed first to leave the ones that succeded on the table. You can always leave the game, but don’t forget to collect your winnings from the cashier by pressing the correspondent button.

How to Win

There are many options for increasing you chances for winning in live roulette games. Normally, gamblers are advised to play the European wheel, as it has fewer slots, and increases your chances for winning. Also, in some roulette games there are more chances for odds to win, as the numbers vary between 1 and 37, which are both odd. Another hint is that it’s better not to stake on single numbers, as the chance for winning other combinations are much bigger and can give you more profit.

The biggest chance for winning is when you stake on “equal” options like Even, Odd, Low, High, Red or Black: it is easy to count that in this case your chances to benefit are 50%, with the house edge of merely 1.35%, which is the biggest possible winning variant in the game.

The last but not the least: do not play the arithmetical systems you are suggested to pay for on the Internet. None of them has ever proved to be successful, and never will. Live roulette is a game of your chance, and you can never predict the results.

Play Live Roulette Games for Real Money & Cash

Live roulette stays today one of the most popular games on the web. More and more professional gamblers decide to play live roulette casinos with real cash, as online casino versions do not differ from the real roulette in Vegas at all. Most game developers suggest you to try their live roulettes for free. Usually, you are given $5,000 Welcome Bonus to try the game and to win your first cash, though it is virtual, of course.

Anyway, the real money will be in your pocket only if you deposit some cash on your account in live casinos, and will win something with it. After you try the games offered, you will understand that developers have no single chance to cheat with live roulette, so you can trust them your money and start winning incredible sums.